Frequently Asked Questions

Each promo code has its own set of exclusions. First, check the accompanying exclusions on your promo code to see if there are any prohibiting the discount. As a general rule, Smart Buys, barstools, select dining chairs and sale/clearance items are excluded in promotions. Also confirm the expiration date on the promo code has not expired.
For most products, we do offer replacement parts. Call us at 1-345-943-2323 or email us at [email protected]. When inquiring, please have item number and invoice number available so they can better serve you. You can find the item number on your emailed order confirmation or invoice.
Visit us to see fabric in more detail. Since every store carries a unique selection, we recommend calling us to see if we carry the product you would like to see.
Most home improvement stores offer touch-up solutions in marker and “crayon” forms. All are easy to apply, simply match your furniture finish to the touch-up color, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using the item number from your email confirmation or from the packing list, key the item number into the search box.  Once you are on the product detail page, the assembly instructions are there and you can print as needed. 

Assembly Instructions
If the item(s) you purchased requires assembly, detailed instructions should have been included in the carton. 
Or you may contact us for a copy; please include the following information: your name and your email address or mailing address and the item number(s) you need to assemble. 

Each leaf is cut when the table is made; therefore additional leaves are not available.
California King size is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than King size.
Every product has an area featuring applicable measurements for how the item will fit in a room, or if it's an accent, how it will fit atop a table, bookcase, etc. Some products have additional dimensions, located under the "Dimensions" section on the product page.
Not at this time. Please contact us at [email protected] with any warranty questions.

Serial numbers are between 9 and 15 digits in length and are located in the following locations:

  • For the following categories, the label with this number is attached to your furniture either on the back of the unit or underneath the unit:
    • Bedroom Furniture
    • Dining Room Furniture
    • Home Office Furniture
    • Occasional Tables
    • Entertainment Furniture
  • For any upholstered furniture, the label with this number is attached to your furniture either under the removable seat cushion or underneath the unit/footrest.
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Not at this time. But good news: many products are available for purchase online. Click the Shop Now section on our home page to begin shopping.